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£7.50 / year for full membership  or £10.00 for Family membership

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North West Fungus Group

Data Protection Policy

  1. The North West Fungus Group holds personal data on its members for the sole purpose of contacting NWFG members regarding NWFG matters and managing the membership.
  2. The categories of members on whom data is held include full members, family members and honorary members.
  3. Personal data held for each individual includes full name and title, address, phone number, email address, category of membership and Gift Aid donation status. This information is stored in a ledger and a password protected database.
  4. This information is held by the Membership Secretary and is shared with other group officers only when necessary. Full name and title, address, phone number and email address, is regularly shared with the NWFG Secretary and foray programme organiser. A list comprising members’ names and town of residence only is shared with other committee members and the co-ordinator of the email group.
  5. The NWFG may occasionally contact members to provide information,on events or other fungal matters, from regional or national bodies e.g. the British Mycological Society
  6. Those members who have indicated their willingness to contribute Gift Aid on their membership forms will have their name, address and subscription amount passed on to HMRC when the NWFG claim for Gift Aid is submitted and the details will be retained for the period required by HMRC.
  7. Otherwise, members who do not renew their subscription in any year will have their data deleted in the Autumn of the year, after a reminder has been sent to them. If they subsequently renew their membership, they must complete a membership form.
  8. If you wish to have your details removed from our stored records this will be done within 56 days of a written request to the Membership Secretary, if this does not contravene the retention schedule required by HMRC. In the event that we destroy your records we will not be able to contact you with updates on NWFG activities.
  9. The Membership Secretary is also the NWFG Data Protection Officer.

April 2018